Ben Ben Follow Jun 14, 2017 · 1 min read
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Sorry for the radio silence, I recently started a job as Data Scientist for ThriveHive, a SaaS company providing managed marketing for small businesses. It’s super interesting, and hopefully I’ll have more to share as we start launching new products.

In the meantime, I’ve been making tweaks to my model helpers which I’ve found really useful for developing models in my new position. Namely, I added XGBoost support. This is mainly made possible by the awesome contributors to the XGBoost project for making it play well with sklearn.

I welcome any suggestions you have for these classes. I’d love to make them into something a bit more robust. I’ll post updates as I make them.

See you next time!

Written by Ben Follow
I am the type of person who appreciates the telling of a great story. As a data scientist, I am interested in using AI to understand, explore and communicate across borders and boundaries. My focus is on Natural Language Processing and the amazing ways it can help us understand each other and our world. The material on this blog is meant to share my experiences and understandings of complex technologies in a simple way, focused on application.